Salma Hayek Chops Off Her Long Locks for a Glam New Lob That We Love (PHOTO)

It's so short now! Salma Hayek just cut her signature long hair for a lob, and while she looks totally different, she looks fabulous. The star took the chop for a new movie role and debuted the look on her Instagram page this week.


Hayek captioned the pretty pic, "New haircut for my new comedy, Drunk Parents!" Judging by her face, she seems pretty surprised and delighted by the results.

It's hard to tell exactly how long her hair is, given the bouncy, slightly curled ends, but it's definitely a lob -- a longish bob haircut. And she lost some serious length on her once-flowing mane. She's totally pulling it off though!

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Hayek will star in Drunk Parents with Alec Baldwin; the two are playing a couple who parties a little too hard after dropping their daughter off at college. Hey -- crazy things can happen after 18 years of parenting, you know. Drunk or not, long hair or short, most of us can only hope to look half as good as Salma when faced with empty nest syndrome.


Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

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