15 Reasons Prince Harry Is the Best Uncle a Royal Kid Could Have

Meredith Gordon | Jan 27, 2016 Celebrities

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James Whatling/Splash News

He may have always been labeled the wild child of the British royal family, but becoming an uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte has definitely brought out the softer side of Prince Harry. Yep, Harry is definitely coming into his own, and he's not afraid to show it around his niece and nephew -- and everywhere else, for that matter. (As if we needed yet another reason to totally swoon over him.) 

Caring and fun, cool and super chill, Harry just might be the best uncle a kid could ever want -- and we're sure Kate and Wills are absolutely thrilled and honored that he's a part of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's lives. Uncles are forever, after all. 

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I mean, seriously, all kids deserve to have a cool aunt or uncle in their lives. They're not your parents and yet they love you and they've always got your back in the same way your parents do. Perhaps Harry will even be an older confidante for the kids as they grow up. Royal life and the celebrity that goes along with it has to have its ups and downs, right? And if anyone gets that aspect of things, it's Harry. Every kid should be so lucky. 

Here are a just a few reasons why we think Prince Harry deserves the "Uncle of the Year" award!


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