Kim Kardashian Might Hire a Pro to Help North Adjust to Baby Saint

It's not easy vying for your mom and dad's attention after a new baby enters the house, so Kim Kardashian may hire a therapist to help North West adapt to being a big sister.


According to Radar Online, North is struggling with having Saint in the house and misses having Kim and Kanye's attention to herself (who wouldn't?). She's reportedly reacting how just about any toddler would, leading to troubled sleeping and temper tantrums. North is only 2, so we can't blame the kiddo for feeling out of sorts about her family's new addition.

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In an effort to help her little girl, Kim is talking about hiring a behavioral therapist to help North better adjust to Baby Saint's presence. Some might say this is a pretty bold move in handling what is a common problem among little ones, but we think it's great that Kim is trying to be proactive about the troubling situation.

We imagine it's also tough for North, considering how busy Kim and Kanye are with their careers. A baby brother means now their attention is split three ways instead of just two. We're sure North will come out of this just fine, but it's super interesting that Kim is looking for pro help in handling it.


Image via Fern/Splash News

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