20 Most Shocking Revelations From Celebrity Memoirs (PHOTOS)

Celia San Miguel | Jan 16, 2016 Celebrities

It might be tempting to believe that Hollywood stars lead blessed lives, completely devoid of any pain, trauma, or dysfunction. But, just like all flesh-and-bone beings, many stars have endured their fair share of dark, somber, soul-crushing times. While many have remained mum about their struggles or indiscretions, hoping to retain the illusion of a perfect life, others have been unflinchingly honest, bravely retelling their experiences in candid memoirs that shocked the world.


From Corey Feldman's first-hand account of pedophilia in Hollywood to Lena Dunham's casual confessions about her sister, these celebrity memoirs revealed uncomfortable truths, kicked up a healthy dose of controversy, and generally blew the public's minds.


Image via Splash News/Corbis