Kourtney Kardashian Parties With Hailey Baldwin Much to Bieber's Dismay

kourtney kardashian

No girl-on-girl crime here! Despite the fact that Justin Bieber supposedly "dumped" Kourtney Kardashian for Hailey Baldwin, the two women have become buddies! Sorry, Justin, if you were hoping to make anyone jealous, clearly it didn't work. 


On Monday, Kourtney and Hailey were spotted partying together at the Nice Guy in Hollywood, along with Kendall Jenner. During New Year's, Justin and Hailey vacationed in Anguilla together, posting several photos of their trip. In fact, one of the pics even featured the pair kissing! At the time, no one knew (possibly even Kourtney) that he and Kourtney were over, so the photos seemed a little strange, and kind of like a message to the mom of three. 

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Apparently, though, Kourtney isn't too concerned. She seemed like she was having a great time on Monday -- and looked fantastic. Clearly, no love lost there. Also, Hailey evidently isn't too concerned about Justin and Kourtney's romance if she's hanging out with her. 

In a world where "cat fights" happen all too often, it's nice to see two women who hooked up with the same dude getting along. Kourtney and Hailey may share a make-out partner in common, but no use holding it against each other.

If Justin was hoping to ruffle any feathers by posting photos of his kissing Baldwin, clearly it didn't work. In fact, if anything, it seemed to do the opposite. Bieber, y'burnt.


Image via SPW/Splash News

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