Kate Middleton's Royal Allowance Is Even More Than We Expected

The children of wealthy parents oftentimes receive trust funds when they reach a certain age, and Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton are no exception. Prince Charles reportedly gives a royal allowance to his children and daughter-in-law, and you might say it covers more than an occasional pizza.


In order to offset the cost of their designer wardrobes, staff, and travel expenses, Prince Charles apparently gives Kate, William, and Harry $4.6 million, which they then split among themselves. Charles receives about $31.1 million from an estate that was given to him for funding, and he then gets to decide how much should be passed down to his children. If you think about it that way, $4.6 million isn't that much, but seriously, I can't even type that sentence without laughing, because it's a ridiculous amount of money to get for just existing.

The palace isn't revealing how much of their allowance is, specifically, spent on things like shoes and haircuts, but here's where things get interesting: Queen Elizabeth reportedly paid for Kate and Will's Anmer Hall refurbishments, and most of their major travel is covered by their host countries. With those costs out of the way, that leaves quite a nice chunk of money for Kate, Will, and Harry to use as they see fit.

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In general, it seems like the trio aren't leading extremely lavish lifestyles -- I mean, relatively speaking, since they are royalty. You don't see them out every night at expensive restaurants or flying private jets to exclusive Caribbean islands every other week. Kate has even been known to recycle outfits on more than one occasion, which is rare for royalty. At the same time, you have to wonder what they're doing with all of that money.

Ah well, if you think about it this way, Jamie Dornan is reportedly set to receive a seven-figure salary for playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker. Surely, the royal trio's charity efforts and ability to encourage tourism to Great Britain is worth more than his very expensive and lovely abs?


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