Kids Pay Tribute to #DavidBowie in Glammed-Up Instagrams (PHOTOS)

aladdin saneProof that the music, myth, and magic of David Bowie will live on for generations to come: Among the most touching tributes on the Internet are photos featuring some extremely young kiddos dressed up (or made up) like the late genius!


These littlest Bowie disciples are popping up all over social media in a powerful nod to the timelessness of his art. And since "Aladdin Strange" might be the most immediately recognizable out of all of Bowie's iconic looks, it makes sense that there are some great copycat makeovers out there:

â�¤ï¸ï¿½ #davidbowie

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Beautiful!! And this little boy -- what a charmer!

â�¡ï¸ï¿½ // #bowie #davidbowie #stardust #ziggystardust #starman

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And this absolutely exquisite little girl, with her appropriately intense stare:

Happy Birthday to #DavidBowie!! #ziggystardust #happythursday #CeciliaAurora

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This baby, though! 

Kudos to this mom for her impressive makeup skills:

Of course, not every kid-related Bowiegram involves makeup. The below photo is what happened when one little boy, who happens to be named Lazarus, asked his mom about David Bowie:

Teaching musical history #Lazarus #youknowillbefree #bowie #lazark3 �: @dustyquill

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And this little girl just has the best T-shirt ever. 

I'm an instant star. Just add water and stir. ~ David Bowie In a world that teaches us to conform #Bowie showed us how to live a #lifeauthentic ��

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Or does this little girl have the best T-shirt ever??

clara bowie shirt

Fashion! As David himself would say: "Let all the children boogie!"



Images via; Suzanne Murray 

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