Amy Schumer & Her Celeb Crushes Would Make Cute Babies -- Check It Out (PHOTOS)

Amy Schumer isn't one to keep her celebrity crushes a secret -- and we love her for it! Sure, she seems firmly esconced with new boyfriend Ben Hanisch, but we can't help but think about what her future offspring might look like if one of her fantasy dates turned into a new romance.


And we're not digging deep here. Recently, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence presented together at the Golden Globes -- where the comedian tried to figure out a celeb nickname as cool as J. Law. "A. Schue" was thrown out immediately, so Lawrence suggested that she might get a celebrity couple nickname.

"Like Aimes-Tom Hardy," Schumer deadpanned. "[Or] Amy-all-the-Hemswortheses," she added. Um, can't blame her. Those are some seriously good-looking gents.

So what would those potential babies look like? We used to combine Amy's picture with these handsome gentlemen and found that -- dang! -- would they make some super cute kiddos!

Tom Hardy
Awww, a little ginger baby! How precious. And is just me, or is there a mischievous glint in this computer-generated baby's eyes?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris may be happily married with three kids of his own, but what if he wasn't? This baby is a cutie too!

Liam Hemsworth
It's not surprising that Liam's potential baby with Amy looks similar to Chris's -- they are brothers after all.

Christian Bale
Amy's mentioned numerous times her undying crush on Christian Bale (I hear ya, sister), and now she has one more reason to lust. They'd make a seriously cute baby.

Bradley Cooper
Maybe Aimes should stay away from spawning Bradley Cooper's child ... this tot looks almost as creepy as that fake baby Bradley held in American Sniper.

Ben Hanisch
Of course, this one has real potential of actually happening someday, so we're not going to jinx it ... we'll just have to wait for the real thing!


Images via Photo Image Press/Splash News; Russ Einhorn/Splash News; Splash News

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