Watching Kourtney Kardashian Devour a Kit Kat Will Leave You Mesmerized (VIDEO)

kourtney kardashianQuick, who's the last Kardashian you would expect to make a video of herself eating junk food? No, not beignet-loving Kim or cookie-stacking Khloe -- we're talking about organically minded mama Kourtney, of course, who's currently making headlines for her bizarro (and possibly "life-changing") method of eating a Kit Kat bar


That's right, the eldest Kardashian sister recently posted a video to her app featuring her six-step process for making a Kit Kat bar last a ridiculously long time -- because she swears the labor-intensive, potentially diet-friendly effort makes the treat taste even better than usual. And, as Kourt herself might say, you've literally got to see this one to believe it:

Wait, so this genius candy hack is in fact the product of a 7-year-old Kim Kardashian's mind?? And people say this family isn't talented! As for whether or not it actually makes a Kit Kat taste better, well, I'm willing to believe Kourtney might be on to something there. You know, mindful eating and all that. And I'm definitely willing to believe that eating candy this way means you end up eating less, as most of us don't have hours of free time to devote to meticulously disassembling our Kit Kats. At some point, you've got to get up and do something else, right?

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But it still surprises me to see Kourtney digging into something that isn't made out of wheatgrass and/or avocado and is probably (definitely?) loaded with GMOs. It just goes to show: Even the cleanest eaters out there need a little break from time to time ... especially if you're breaking her off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. (And to think, everybody was worried Kourtney wouldn't have enough content for her app!!)


Image via Kourtney Kardashian/YouTube

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