Pippa Middleton Is Reportedly Back With Her Ex -- There Go Our Prince Harry Dreams

It was only a matter of time before Kate Middleton's eligible younger sister found love again after her split from serious flame Nico Jackson -- but rumor has it Pippa Middleton is dating a different ex-boyfriend.


While some may still be holding out hope that Pippa, 32, is carrying on a secret affair with Prince Harry, there is (unfortunately) zero evidence to prove this is happening. The latest gossip is that Pippa is dating ex-boyfriend James Matthews -- and that Kate is over the moon about it because she was a big fan of the couple.

Remember those photos that appeared in magazines after the holiday showing Pippa in St. Barts -- pics that led some to question whether she was vacationing with Harry? As it turns out, Pippa was actually reportedly visiting the Caribbean with Matthews, whom she dated before hooking up with Nico.

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Of course, with the Pippa possibility out of the way, people can now focus on what's really important: Just who is Harry dating these days? All fingers are pointing to his cousin through mom Princess Diana: Kitty Spencer, a blonde who certainly looks like his type (if you can get past that whole pesky cousin thing).

Again, there's no proof Harry and Kitty are hooking up -- there's no proof Harry is hooking up with anyone at this point in time. Maybe this whole James Matthews rumor is a ruse to get us to believe Pippa is occupied so that she and Harry can carry on their romance in peace?

Just kidding. Really, guys, there's no chance they're dating. We have to move on -- it looks like Pippa has already done so.


Image via All Over Sweden/Splash News

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