Kim Kardashian Puts Kylie Jenner in Her Place -- It's Not Pretty

In the most epic pot-meet-kettle moment, Kim Kardashian called Kylie Jenner a diva, then proceeded to make her best friend Jonathan Cheban run a host of crazy errands for her. Who's the diva now?


If you've been following Keeping Up With the Kardashians this season, you know Kim has been on a bit of a tear as of late. She poked fun at Rob's weight gain (so mean!), told Kourtney she's not special, and now is sizing up Kylie's diva attitude. Granted, it appears as though Kylie could use a bit of a talking-to in terms of being a kinder, gentler reality star, but Kim is hardly one to talk.

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Because just as soon as she told Kylie she doesn't want her to get a bad reputation for her diva antics, Kim spun around and was seen making Jonathan drop off a urine sample for her and then deliver doughnuts. Oh, and pregnant Kim was much too tired to try on clothes, so she had a model strap on a baby bump and try them on for her. Seriously, this is why we love this woman. Kim is the only person who can get away with this ridiculous behavior. We're both jealous and appalled all at the same time.

You really have to watch this clip to get a full understanding of what happened.

We're a little worried about who is next in Kim's path of criticism. We kind of hope she tries to take on Khloe, whom we trust to completely put her in her place. Either way, we'll continue to have fun laughing at her continued outbursts and silly demands.


Image via LA Photo Lab/Splash News

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