Bryce Dallas Howard's Size 6 'Confession' -- Gasp! -- Is a Win for Everyone (VIDEO)

Bryce Dallas Howard Golden Globes

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard looked gorgeous at the Golden Globes in a very lovely Jenny Packham gown -- a gown that is still making waves. Why? Not for being risqué or even unusually fabulous ... but because of what Bryce said about it on the red carpet.


"I just picked it up at Neiman's this week," Bryce told Giuliana Rancic on E!'s Live from the Red Carpet of her beautiful beaded dress.

Bryce Dallas Howard Golden Globes

So, that's the first surprise: This A-Lister doesn't use a stylist. But the real shocker comes when she explains WHY she likes to pick out her own dresses this way. 

"....Because I like having lots of options for a size six as opposed to maybe one option, so I always go to department stores," she shared, casually.

Now, this might not seem earth-shattering, but it actually is kind of incredible. And very, very telling about what goes on behind the scenes in the film and fashion industries. Because she's a whopping size six, Bryce doesn't have all the dress options being sent to her from designers that other, tinier actresses do. Because designer samples, like actresses and fashion models, come in size zero or two.

That is to say -- these entire industries are predicated on the notion that size zero is the "norm." Actually, it IS the norm -- in that universe. But the problem is that this version of reality is the one that we all see, day after day, on the movie screen, on our TVs, online, and in the pages of our magazines.

It's almost painful to write this, but ... Thank you, Bryce Dallas Howard, for casually sharing with the world that you're a size six. Yes, yes, I know: That's still a good three to four sizes smaller than the average American woman. And yes, many of us would love to be a size six -- and we'd be happy as clams to tell anyone who asked!

But in the world of Hollywood actresses, a size six is really pushing it. In that warped world, a six is veering dangerously close to "plus size." Which, obviously, is complete madness. A madness (as reality) that gets reinforced every time we watch a red carpet, and see a stream of size zeros and twos, and every time we go see a movie, and see another stream of size zeros and twos.

Beautiful and outspoken women who don't fit that Hollywood mold, like Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer, are helping change the conversation -- and the culture. And this "confession" by Bryce -- an absolutely gorgeous woman with an enviable figure -- just adds a little bit more fuel to the fire of change.

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High five, indeed!


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