Prince William Shows Off a Chic New Haircut (PHOTO)

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry aren't the only royals capable of giving others hair (and beard) inspiration. Prince William cut off his hair and revealed a much shorter, sleeker 'do.


Even though the 33-year-old prince has always maintained a neat, short, classic hairstyle -- you'd never see him rocking an ironic mullet or throwing a few blue streaks in his blond hair to shake things up -- Will never really changes up his mane. I don't think it's shocking to say that, yes, the future king has experienced a bit of balding in recent years, but would it be fair for him to assume the throne, be married to an amazing woman like Kate, have two gorgeous kids, and have been blessed with long, thick hair? He can't have everything.

Perhaps his latest haircut, in which an awful lot was removed from the sides of his head, was an attempt to create the illusion of more hair on top. Or maybe Will just desired a change. Either way, here he is:

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Folks on Twitter are debating whether William is desperately trying to conceal his hair loss (and so what if he is?), and I even came across at least one description of this style as a "dad haircut," which made me laugh out loud because poor Kate has to endure those annoying "mom haircut" jokes every time she so much as removes an inch from her hair.

Many men opt to remove their hair completely when they begin to thin, so as to avoid pulling a few hairs over their heads to make it look as if they have more hair. I think William looks chic, confident, and even more youthful with this cut. This is as close to a drastic change as we're ever going to see on the conservative royal, so let's all enjoy it.


Image via Splash News

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