10 Golden Globes Moments That Were Painfully Awkward to Watch

This year's Golden Globes proved to be one of the most uncomfortable awards shows to watch in a long time. Unlike previous Tina Fey-and-Amy Poehler-hosted affairs, this year's Golden Globes was kind of a bit of a mess. A few of the most awkward moments after the jump ...


1. When Ricky Gervais made tacky trans-phobic jokes ...


2. ... and then followed it with another one mocking Jennifer Lawrence's recent stance on equal pay for Hollywood women. She handled it with aplomb. Of course.

3. The Revenant bear gag that just wasn't very funny ...

4. Channing Tatum's hair. What. Is. That. About?


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5. Eva Longoria and America Ferrera -- after having to correct folks one too many times -- are forced to remind us who they are. Hint: Not Charro. An important moment, but shame on all of us that people STILL need this lesson. It's 2016.

6. Matt Damon introduced with a Ben Affleck affair joke ...

7. Leonardo DiCaprio gives Gaga major side eye ... Not cool, Leo.

8. Denzel Washington forgot his glasses. He did, though, have his beautiful family on stage with him to help. That was a plus.

9. Harrison Ford. We love him, but why does he always look so annoyed? 

10. Ricky Gervais reportedly asks Mel Gibson in his ear what "sugar t*ts mean anyway." Hmm, well, Mel did deserve that one.


Image via Golden Globes/Instagram

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