Jennifer Lopez Resurrects #AngiesRightLeg for a Sexy Golden Globes Look (PHOTOS)

Holy moly, we can't help but love this woman. Jennifer Lopez brought back her Angelina Jolie look one more time on Sunday night for the Golden Globe Awards, and she looked just as fabulous as ever.


Remember when Angelina Jolie looked amazing when she showed off her right leg at 2012 Academy Awards? She brought the look, and it was stunning.

Jennifer Lopez brought her own right leg to the game once again this year, with this gorgeous Golden Globes look. Check out JLo in this fabulous canary-yellow dress (seriously, how many people can pull off that color?).

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It isn't the first time that the "Booty" singer has brought her phenomenal right leg to the scene, though. Just look at this picture from the 2015 Golden Globe awards, and be impressed by how awesome she is.

Angie may have invented this look, but there's something special about Jennifer Lopez pulling it off year after year. These ladies are obviously into taking care of themselves, and we can't wait to see more of their toned right legs in the future. 

Now please excuse me while I try to recommit myself to leg day at the gym. Also recommit to going to the gym at all. Just saying.


Images via Splash News; Dan MacMedan/Contributor/Getty; Armando Arorizo/Corbis; Photo Image Press/Splash News

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