20 Times Pippa Proved She's Cooler Than Her Royal Sister Kate

Meredith Gordon | Jan 14, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Kate Middleton Pippa Middleton
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It may seem cool to be the future Queen of England, but what's even more hip is being known as her plus one. Yup, that's right, Pippa Middleton just might be the coolest girl in England. (Sorry, Kate!) She has all the fame without any of the pesky obligations, so we're pretty sure that Pippa is living the ultimate life right now. Let's be honest, hanging out with royals and celebs is pretty much the coolest gig ever -- and our girl Pippa gets to do that 24/7. 

Without any official responsibilities, but with the perks of being royally adjacent, Pippa's got it all. She gets invites to the most exclusive parties and events, and now that she's got a handsome husband as well, she always has a plus one to go with. 

It's hard not to get jealous of Pippa's life, but we're certain there isn't any bad blood between the sister. Kate is a duchess, after all! But we just can't get enough of watching Pippa be the absolutely best that she can be. Everything from her wardrobe to her vacations, this girl knows how to do life the right way -- and we can tell she's having fun while she's at it. 

See for yourself, and you'll see that Pippa Middleton has a leg up on Kate in more ways than one. Enjoy the 20 best times Pippa was just a little bit cooler than her older sis, the Duchess of Cambridge

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