20 Times Pippa Proved She's Cooler Than Her Royal Sister Kate

Meredith Gordon | Jan 14, 2016 Celebrities
20 Times Pippa Proved She's Cooler Than Her Royal Sister Kate
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It may seem cool to be the future Queen of England, but what's even more hip is being known as her plus one. Yup, that's right, Pippa Middleton just might be the coolest girl in England. (Sorry, Kate!) She has all the fame without any of the pesky obligations, so we're pretty sure that Pippa is living the ultimate life right now. Let's be honest, hanging out with royals and celebs is pretty much the coolest gig ever -- and our girl Pippa gets to do that 24/7. 

Without any official responsibilities, but with the perks of being royally adjacent, Pippa's got it all. She gets invites to the most exclusive parties and events, and now that she's got a handsome husband as well, she always has a plus one to go with. 

It's hard not to get jealous of Pippa's life, but we're certain there isn't any bad blood between the sister. Kate is a duchess, after all! But we just can't get enough of watching Pippa be the absolutely best that she can be. Everything from her wardrobe to her vacations, this girl knows how to do life the right way -- and we can tell she's having fun while she's at it. 

See for yourself, and you'll see that Pippa Middleton has a leg up on Kate in more ways than one. Enjoy the 20 best times Pippa was just a little bit cooler than her older sis, the Duchess of Cambridge

  • Free Choice


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    Pippa gets to wear whatever she wants. Kate might have faced the wrath of the queen for wearing a low-cut, brightly colored dress like this one.

  • Come & Go


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Unlike her sister Catherine, Pippa gets to go to whatever parties she wants. 

  • Fit for a King


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    Kate couldn't exactly compete in a race without the eyes of the world upon her. Pippa can!

  • Famous Friends


    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    Without the pressure of being royal, Pippa gets the perks of being famous, like a Wimbledon seat next to David Beckham and his abs. Yes, please!

  • Good Seats


    Image via Splash News

    She doesn't have to go to all those parades, but Pippa does get her sister's good seats at Wimbledon. 

  • Just Say Nice Things


    Image via Tony Clark/Splash News

    While the world scrutinizes Kate's physique, they're nothing but kind to Pippa about hers. That said, she does have the world's best backside, so she's earned it!

  • Show Off


    Image via INFphoto.com

    Kate's known for her wardrobe, but she's required to dress conservatively. Not Pippa, who can rock cleavage like a Baywatch babe.

  • Date Night


    Image via INFphoto.com

    Pippa gets to hang out with whomever she likes without having to get pre-approval from the queen or anyone else!

  • Party Girl


    Image via Jon Furniss/Corbis/Splash News

    If Kate were to go out every night, she'd be criticized in the press. When Pippa does it, no one bats an eyelash.

  • Always on the List


    Image via James Whatling / Splash News

    Being a royal plus one, Pippa is always the guest list, and she gets invited to the coolest parties.

  • Clothes Horse


    Image via James Whatling / Splash News

    One of the perks of being famous is when designers send you a ton of free clothes. Pippa probably gets Kate's extras, and some of her own too!

  • Casual Friday


    Image via Neil Warner / Splash News

    Unlike Kate, Pippa gets to dress down. It must get exhausting wearing all those dresses and heels, even if they are designer. Jeans are just fine for Pippa.

  • Book Group


    Image via Neil Warner / Splash News

    Because she's royal-adjacent, Pippa gets amazing opportunities, like book deals and TV appearances. Kate rarely even gets to speak in public!

  • Sunday Driver


    Image via Neil Warner / Splash News

    While it may seem nice to have Kate's entourage and drivers, it's probably exhausting to never have time alone. At least Pippa can pop into her own car and go wherever she wants.

  • Traveling Light


    Image via JBAREO / Splash News

    Because she's famous but not a royal, Pippa can travel wherever she wants without having to coordinate schedules and approval with the Palace.

  • Another Royal Wedding


    Perks of having an in with the royal family? Getting that invite to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding.

    Not bad at all. 

  • Dog Walker


    She has the freedom to come and go as she pleases, so why not take the pup for a walk!

  • Hitting the Slopes


    With no royal obligations, Pippa can take off and ski with her husband and brother any times she wants. 

  • Daring Fashion


    We love seeing Pippa's non-royal style. She has so much freedom to play around with silhouettes and colors. 

  • A Somewhat Low-Key Wedding


    There was still a lot of hype surrounding Pippa's marriage to James Matthews, but no where near the amount that her sister Kate had to deal with. 

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