21 Times Prince William Proved George & Charlotte Come First in His Life

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince GeorgeEven though Prince William didn't exactly grown up with Mr. Warm and Fuzzy as a father, he's turned into quite an involved parent himself. Perhaps it is the influence of his mother, Diana, but we can't help but notice how hands-on he is as a father, how decent he is to Kate, and how much quality time he spends with his little ones. He truly turned into the man his father could never be. Are we drooling? Sorry about that, we'll stop. 


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Unlike Prince Charles, Prince William is totally in the running for being Mr. Mom. Check out how lucky George and Charlotte are to have William as the king of their castle. It's so obvious that despite his royal status, there's nothing he loves more than his sweet little ones. And perhaps it's our maternal instinct kicking in, but it is so nice to see a father -- who is so public with his family -- showing the care and concern that William does. While these kids have access to anything their hearts desire, we're sure under William's calm and steady influence they will become the noble and honorable heirs that England deserves. Then again, one, two many visits from Uncle Harry might be a surefire way to undo all of William's good work! Take a look at our list of the times that Wills made us swoon -- um, because he's a great father. (And for no other reasons)

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