Scott Disick's New Girlfriend Looks Like a Lost Member of the Kardashian Family (PHOTOS)

lina sandbergHey, wanna know the creepiest thing about Scott Disick's new girlfriend, Swedish model Lina Sandberg? No, not the fact that a Swedish model is even daring to give Scott Disick a chance after the way he (very publicly) treated Kourtney Kardashian, but the fact that Sandberg looks like she could easily be Photoshopped into any Kardashian Christmas card -- and fit right in!


Let it never be said that Kourtney's baby daddy doesn't have a type -- or that he isn't trying (or at least pretending) to move on. Because after Lina and Scott were spotted indulging in a little PDA while eating lunch at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills on Friday, January 8, Lina was photographed running errands in West Hollywood, and OMG, are you sure that isn't a Kourtney/Kendall Jenner hybrid clone walking around?? Just look:

lina sandberg

Oh look, Kourtney/Kendall got a new dog! WAIT, KOURTNEY/KENDALL DOESN'T EXIST -- that's Lina Sandberg! Seriously, she could at least be a cousin to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and Rob:

lina sandberg

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Even crazier? Lina was also seen getting lunch at the Urth Caffe in West Hollywood -- and the Kardashians are, like, 24/7 at the Urth Caffe!!! (Well, they've all been spotted there a bunch, anyway.) If I were Lina, I'd be making it my JOB to avoid pretty much anywhere and everywhere frequented by any and every Kardashian/Jenner. Sure, if things take off with Scott, she'll have to meet them eventually (what with the kids and all), but that's an awfully big "if" -- and I don't even want to imagine the kind of stare-down this girl has coming to her from Khloe. (Although I kind of want to see it happen.)

Another thing I don't want to imagine is how Kourtney is feeling right now. Sure, she ended her nine-year relationship with Scott, but seeing him with a gorgeous, eerily familiar model has gotta hurt, at least on some level. Better schedule a high-profile date with the Biebs, and pronto! Or, better yet, find another, more deserving dude to share your time with. Lina who?! 


Images via LA Photo Lab/Splash News

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