If Taylor Swift's a 'Psycho, Serial-Dater,' Then I Want to Be Just Like Her (VIDEO)

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Okay, admit it: Your mind was blown when you found out that Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" wasn't a shout-out to caffeine, but was instead her bemoaning a "long list of ex-lovers." Well, prepare to be blown away again, because Taylor just admitted that "Blank Space" is really all about embracing her "psycho, serial-dater persona" that the media created.


Check out the six minutes of fabulousness she shared from an intimate performance she gave back in September at the Grammy Museum:

What I love most about her intro is how real she is. When you look at 26-year-old Tay, with her fabulous homes, her record-breaking tours and albums, and, let’s not forget, her hottie boyfriend Calvin Harris, it’s easy to hate her -- just a little. Especially when you’re reading about her life while you're in sweats that you threw on 40 seconds before running out the door to make carpool. 

But then Taylor talks about the time before she met Calvin, when every article written about her would say, "Taylor Swift [was] standing near some guy. Watch out, guy!" because she was seen as "so clingy" that all her men "leave, and she cries ... in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls." You get to see the girl behind the superstar, sitting on her couch and reading about herself, saying, "Man, that’s a bummer."

And then, it gets even better, because instead of letting the negativity turn her into a hermit, Taylor got creative and wrote a mega-hit based on the "interesting character" that was representing her life. 

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Now she owns her story -- plus a whole lot more cash and awards, thanks to million of downloads of "Blank Space." And I love her even more for inspiring me to get off my couch when my day’s feeling "blah" and do something that’s just for me. I’m not saying I’ll write a chart-topper, but I just might hit the gym instead of my pillow for a post-school-run nap. Anyone with me?


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