Prince William Could Become King as Early as This Spring

prince william kate middletonRumors are heating up that Queen Elizabeth told her grandson Prince William that he will be the next king. Prince Charles is said to be passed over in favor of Will. Which means Kate will be queen!


OK! magazine is reporting this news, saying they learned it from an inside source. Should we believe this rumor? Could it be true? It could be the best thing for England! Everyone loves Will and Kate. Prince Charles and Camilla? Eh, not so much.

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The queen supposedly told Will and Kate over the holidays (like a Christmas gift!) and they "both started crying" -- I would, too. Imagine getting King or Queen in your job title and not just for being an employee of Burger King or DQ?! This is just beyond! Granted, Will and Kate have gotten used to being Prince and Princess -- or Duke and Duchess of Cambridge if you prefer the fancy -- but this is major. But there is one snag in the plan ... and that's Prince Charles. He has to agree to this.

Tough one. I'm not sure how he's going to feel that he is being passed over for this "big job" for his son. His pride may get in the way. Or maybe he'll think it's a smashing idea. We always want better things for our kids, right? They have to sort this out soon, because once spring arrives, that's when it's all going to happen. The 89-year-old Queen E wants to step down soon so she can spend some nice quality time with Prince Philip, 94. The woman deserves retirement -- she's been at this queen business for over 63 years, making her the longest-reigning monarch in history.

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Little Prince George is reportedly very happy his mum will be queen and his dad king -- although, let's face it: They already are in his sweet eyes. It was said that when George found out, he drew a family portrait and a castle ... because even a little prince can dream bigger.


Image via Jackson Lee/Carl Wu/Splash News

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