Adele Is All of Us Getting Back into Workout Mode ... Except Better (PHOTO)


Adele, Queen of the Universe and Goddess of All She Surveys, hit the gym the other day in what is surely an attempt to disguise herself as a mere human woman. And of course, the photo she shared on Instagram makes us love her even more. Because ...



getting ready...

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That face! The agony! The horror! The crying! Adele is everyone at the gym this January, facing facts after a month of holiday festivities -- or, as I like to call it, the month during which I ate cookies every. Single. Day.

Of course, what separates Adele from the rest of us is that I, for example, am "getting ready" to be able to wear my jeans again, whilst Adele is "getting ready" for her upcoming sold-out world tour, Adele Live 2016.

Kind of the same thing!!

This isn't the first time Adele has tried to convince us she's just a regular mortal ...

I woke up like this!

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And we love her for it! But we know the truth, Adele... you're a total goddess, and we bow to you, at the same time that we thank you for keeping it so real and relatable...

UK & EU, go to for details

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Hello to you, Adele! We can't wait to see you, either! We love your scarf-dress-thingie!

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Lest you forget, here's a glimpse of the real Adele.

When We Were Young live at The Church Studios now on

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Image via Syco / Thames / Corbis

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