Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her Third Child (Again)

We're only a few days into 2016, and royal pregnancy rumors are back in full swing! Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with her third child and broke the happy news to family during the most exciting time of the year.


Pretty much since the day the 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, also 33, welcomed Princess Charlotte into their lives last May, all anyone can talk about is how Kate is desperate to have another baby right away. Although it may be difficult to believe, Kate's age is apparently a factor -- she doesn't want to wait too long before trying to conceive again. Will, who was reportedly on the fence about trying for baby number three right away (most likely because of the toll both of Kate's pregnancies took on her health), has since changed his tune.

Kate is reportedly two months pregnant and she and Will announced the happy news to family on Christmas day. Will was overjoyed when he learned about a third child, according to sources, and even jumped up and down. No word yet on how Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and company responded to the royal couple's announcement, but what is there to say other than, "Yay!"?

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Of course, since this is the billionth time (this week) we've heard about Kate expecting another child, it's awfully difficult to get excited about this. I'm beginning to feel bad for Kate, who may really be itching to get pregnant and has to constantly hear these rumors about herself.

As a rule I'm going to say: if Kensington Palace hasn't released news of Kate's pregnancy, it's safe to say she either is not expecting another baby (yet) or simply isn't ready to announce the news to the entire world. There isn't enough proof right now of this being anything more than another juicy bit of baby gossip.


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