Kim Kardashian Is Rocking a New Hairstyle for the Sake of Baby Saint

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New baby, new look! If you've been paying attention to Kim Kardashian's hair lately (oh, like you have better things to do?), you've probably noticed that she's been rocking the same style since she gave birth to baby Saint. Kim's been sporting braids for over a month now -- and apparently, she has no plans of taking them out.


A few weeks ago, on her app, Kim revealed that she plans on keeping her hair in braids for "months" for a couple of reasons -- the first being that it's easy with a newborn to not have to think about hair, and the other being so that she can grow it out and avoid "putting heat on it." Pretty good idea. 

â��ð��½ï¸ï¿½ to 2015

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Merry Christmas everybody! Good night!

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Kim wore her hair in braids on both Christmas and New Year's Eve, and on Wednesday, she was spotted heading into a doctor's appointment with the style, as well. Clearly, she wasn't joking. 

Whatever makes life easiest during the first months of bringing a baby home! But you know that when Kim eventually does take her braids out, she's going to debut some crazy, never-seen-on-her-before style. And, duh, we'll love it. 


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