Watch This 'Irresistible' Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato Homage to 'NSYNC (VIDEO)

Fall out Boy Irresistible

Remember that 'NSYNC video where the guys all get dressed up like tiny action figures and have a battle with a bunch of army guys in a toy store? Welp, now the story continues, thanks to a new single from Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato.


First, I think it's important to watch the original video from back in 2000, if for no other reason than to admire the awesomeness that is throwback Justin Timberlake. Brace yourself.


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Now! Apparently someone over at the Fall Out Boy team has been pondering that gem of a music video for quite a while...

"What if in the NSYNC video for 'It's Gonna Be Me' there was an analog to the story?" posits the description for "Irresistible," on the band's official YouTube channel. "Where in the same store there was a dollar bin full of toys that no one really wanted that would band together like the misfit, offbrand little outsiders they were..."

DEEP THOUGHTS, PEOPLE! (Pass the magic brownies!)

"'Irresistible' is the video for that story ... it's about the toys no one ever wanted come to life," continues the description.

Oh, it's about much more than that, you guys. It's also about Demi Lovato dressed as some sort of candy striper, a Chris Kirkpatrick cameo (remember him?), and a surprisingly frightening Joey Fatone. Watch for yourself:

What we really want to know is ... what does Justin Timberlake think about all of this?


Image via FallOutBoyVEVO/YouTube

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