Prince George Heads Off to Preschool in Precious Pics Taken by Kate (PHOTOS)

prince george prince williamIf photos of newborns and baby animals are your thing, feast your eyes on something a little "older," yet just as ridiculously adorable -- Prince George starting preschool. Today was the first day for the 2½-year-old royal, and judging by the pics, he was really excited.


Check out Norfolk's Westacre Montessori School nursery's newest student ready to learn.

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The photos, taken by the duchess Kate Middleton, were released on Kensington Palace's Twitter and Instagram page. Isn't he just the cutest!? That blond hair with the little curls -- what a little heartbreaker. I love that he is wearing his mom's favorite color -- blue, blue, blue. He's so adorable wearing that backpack, which I am going to guess is packed with organic snacks ... knowing Kate.

George looks so much like Will, and he appears so excited to start school -- he seems to be loving the mural outside the nursery. Hopefully he was just as wide-eyed when he entered the building, too. Parents who have gone through this experience know that sometimes kids seem happy to be going somewhere new, but the minute you say good-bye, the tears start flowing. And I do mean tears from the kids and from the parents.

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What a big day for the royals -- they have certainly stuck with their idea of trying to give their kids a typical upbringing by choosing this school. Well done. The emotions Kate must be feeling today are overwhelming -- her baby is growing up. And she certainly captured the moment perfectly. Happy first day, George! The family now can look forward to the dozens and dozens of art projects he will be bringing home.


Image via Splash News

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