Prince William Swears on National TV -- It's Awesome (VIDEO)

It's always a delightful surprise to find out the most poised of public figures have moments when they let down their guard and let a curse word rip. Prince William swore on national TV, and everyone in Britain is in a state of absolute shock.


As much as I'd love to say William dropped the F-bomb on television, I'm afraid he isn't that much of a heathen. The 33-year-old prince appeared in an ITV documentary with little bro Prince Harry on Monday and, at one point, let loose with the sort-of British cuss word "bullocking."

Will was in the middle of describing some letters that dad Prince Charles sent to him while he was a student at the Eton school and poked fun at him for possibly falling asleep in the middle of writing. He then revealed that he and Harry would read the notes carefully, "Just in case it was a bullocking we didn't know about."

For anyone living outside of Great Britain, the word "bullocking" sounds adorable and completely tame. But, in England, viewers were reportedly split over whether William went a little too far using this word, which can mean (depending on who you ask) anything from "testicles" to plain old "nonsense."

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The debate over whether Will went too far found its way to Twitter, where some expressed shock that any member of the royal family knew how to talk (slightly) dirty:

Others were amazed that this was even an issue, or that Will's "bullocking" was eventually bleeped out of the segment:

Will, Harry, and Kate Middleton seem to be on a quest to help normalize the royal family, as much as possible, and it doesn't surprise me that William wouldn't censor himself when it comes to a funny, harmless word like "bullocking." It does, however, make me long to eavesdrop on conversations they're having in private. Hearing them say other curse words would be like learning your parents have sex -- only far less creepy and much, much funnier.


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