Kate Middleton Reportedly Wants Another Baby in 2016

It's 2016 and you know what that means -- more Kate Middleton-wants-another-baby rumors are headed our way! This time, we hear the Duchess of Cambridge is putting extra pressure on Prince William to make magic happen and give her baby number three this year.


Kate, who gave birth to Princess Charlotte in May and is also raising her incredibly adorable -- but also very rambunctious (or so we hear) -- 2-year-old George, reportedly can't wait to welcome another little girl or boy to their royal brood. Perhaps she has the patience of a saint or is one of those unique unicorns who thrives on three hours of sleep -- whatever the reason, the 33-year-old princess has no interest in waiting for another child and has finally convinced her husband to see things her way and agree to expand their family.

Maybe you're wondering why Will was reportedly opposed to the idea at first. It seems the prince is worried and concerned about Kate's health because she had such a rough time with extreme morning sickness with both pregnancies. Rumor has it he would prefer to wait at least another year before trying for a third baby.

But Kate isn't having any of it. And the reason she's apparently eager to get pregnant in 2016? Her age. Um, yeah, I rolled my eyes as well when I read that. Kate will turn 34 on January 9 -- hardly a grandmother -- but it's possible she has her reasons for not wanting to wait much longer before trying to conceive again. Maybe she's anxious about health complications or simply always imagined herself raising young kids before a certain age -- to each her own, right?

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The latest Kate/baby rumors aren't difficult to believe -- the problem is that we've been reading the same gossip about a third child since the minute Kate left the hospital with Charlotte. We haven't allowed the royal couple to enjoy their little girl or adjust to life with two children (which is quite the adjustment) before insisting they add another baby into the mix.

It would be wonderful to watch Kate and Will welcome yet another gorgeous little one into their family, but it will happen (or not) when the timing is right.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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