Tyga's Creepy Factor Goes Up a Notch After Teen Linked to Him Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Well, this isn't the best way to start off 2016. The 14-year-old girl Tyga allegedly cheated on Kylie Jenner with spoke out for the first time, and her tear-filled press conference is bad news for the rapper.


With the help of high-profile attorney Gloria Allred, Molly O'Malia set the record straight on what transpired between herself and the 26-year-old musician. The two have never met face-to-face, but Tyga did send the teen some seriously creepy direct messages and asked her to FaceTime with him (she didn't oblige).

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From the brief press conference footage, it looks like Molly just wants to clear her name of any wrongdoing, as Kylie and Tyga fans have let loose on the poor kid for trying to "break up" the celebrity couple. From this video, that is clearly not the case. It's more like she was totally creeped out by a much older dude contacting her and never expected any of their communication to go public.

We hope that by speaking out, Molly can go back to laying low without threats from rabid Kyga fans. After all, she's only 14 and certainly doesn't deserve to have her name dragged through the mud over this. Still, being vocal could be just enough instigation to get certain fans angry again.

Either way, Molly's words don't exactly paint a great picture of Tyga, who has found himself in hot water with Kylie over other cheating allegations as well. Not to mention the overall creep-o factor of contacting an underage kid.


Image via Splash News

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