Kim Kardashian Throws Major Shade at Kourtney in New 'KUWTK' Promo

Well, it certainly looks like someone's not having it with the drama on the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In a sneak peek, Kim Kardashian tells Kourtney she's "not special."



The sisters are out to dinner in New York City visiting Kendall Jenner when the abrupt comment is made. There's no real clue given in the preview as to why Kim would direct such a harsh quip her older sibling's way, but it is met with an "Ohhhh, Felicia" from Khloe (who doesn't even bother to look up from her phone).

Kim seems to be on quite a tear lately throwing shade. First it was Rob Kardashian who felt the burn on the last episode, now Kourtney. Should we just chalk it up to the pregnancy hormones she was experiencing at the time?

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Kendall, on the other hand, appears positively upbeat about the fact that her family is all in the Big Apple with her. Oh, sweet little Kenny, we hope you're not Kim's next victim!

Now we can't wait for Sunday to roll around so we can find out just what Kourtney did to tick Kim off.


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

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