Kylie Jenner Gives Big Sister Kim a Run for Her Money in Bondage Lingerie (PHOTOS)

kylie jenner

Well, hello there! Clearly, Kylie Jenner is starting 2016 off with a bang! On her app on Monday, Kylie shared a super sexy video from a photo shoot she did with photographer Sasha Samsonova. And all we can say is: Good lord. In the video, Kylie shows off her butt while writhing around in leather bondage gear. So... yeah.  


Here's a little snippet of the ultra-sultry video. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

And if that wasn't enough for you, here are a few pics:

Holy moly, right? Clearly, Kylie is going to be taking things to new levels this year. This could be her sexiest photo shoot yet. 

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Ever since she turned 18, Kylie has been bringing serious sexy into the this world, and if this photo shoot is anything to go off of, clearly she has no plans on slowing down. 

Looking gorgeous, Kylie! But, just for the record, you look just as pretty in sweats and no makeup as you do when dressed like a dominatrix. 


Image via Splash News

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