Prince Harry's 94-Year-Old Grandpa Beats Him Out for 'Best Dressed' Title

Everything the prince picked up about looking stylish he learned from the master: his grandfather, who just happens to be 94 and looking better than ever. Prince Harry was beat by Prince Philip in GQ's annual ranking of the 50 best-dressed men in Britain.


Queen Elizabeth's husband was chosen by the men's magazine as the 12th spiffiest dresser in the United Kingdom — coming in an astonishing 26 spots ahead of his 31-year-old grandson, who ranked as the 38th best dressed man. Philip also beat out other young Brits like Robert Pattinson, Calvin Harris, and even Jamie Dornan — but, alas, he was no match for Harry Styles (number 6) or Sam Smith (who came in third), but, then again, who is?

In addition to having a wardrobe every fashionable man probably dreams about — remember, money is no object for the royals and they have access to the best tailors in the business — Prince Philip has had a few decades to learn a few stylish tricks and can get away with quirky details. Like that time he wore a top hat, yellow carnation, and turquoise tie without looking like he was headed for a Halloween party. That's the gift that comes with being 94 — you can totally pull those color combos and accessories off and look amazing.

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Harry may not have the skill or ability to dress like a member of One Direction, and would you really want him to do so while representing his country at charity events? But he certainly has style and can pull off everything from a simple cashmere sweater and jeans to equestrian gear. My favorite Harry outfit of all time is a plain white button-down shirt and jeans — he doesn't require crazy, trendy, out-there clothing because he knows the art of tailoring the simple, quality pieces he has to fit him perfectly.

I, personally, would have ranked him higher than 38, but if you have to lose out to anyone in your family, who better than your stylish 94-year-old granddad?


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