18 Celebrities Who Overcame Major Childhood Health Battles (PHOTOS)

Celebrities aren't immune to illness — in fact, a number of stars discovered their passions or derived the strength to persevere precisely because of the health battles they endured as children. Some managed to recover from possibly fatal illnesses like polio and cancer, while others learned to manage chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. All of these famous faces, however, offer hope that it is, indeed, possible to overcome sickness, to beat the odds, and to emerge stronger than ever.


From Mia Farrow's bout with polio to Sarah Hyland's kydney dysplasia, Nick Jonas' battle with type 1 diabetes, and Prince's history of epilepsy, these celebrities are proof that it's possible to lead a full, graitfying, successful life even in the face of illness.


Image via Ouzounova/Splash News/Corbis

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