15 Celebs Who Went Missing & Later Turned Up OK (PHOTOS)

Even in an era in which the private lives of celebrities are practically non-existent thanks to tabloid gossip sites, 24/7 news cycles replete with constantly updated blogs, and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it may seem hard to believe that a star could somehow go missing, his or her whereabouts unknown by family members, friends, fans, or reporters. And yet, throughout history, plenty of famous folks have disappeared for periods of time. While some tales had tragic outcomes, others ended on a hopeful note as the missing parties surfaced safe and sound. 

From Agatha Christie's bewildering 11-day disappearance in 1926 to actress Margot Kidder's four-day absence in 1996, here are 15 stars who went missing, causing their loved ones to panic. Fortunately, these stories ended with huge sighs of relief and tears of gratitude once the stars' whereabouts were discovered and their well-being confirmed.

Image via  Andy Rain/epa/Corbis 


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