15 Celebs Who Went Missing & Later Turned Up OK (PHOTOS)

15 Celebs Who Went Missing & Later Turned Up OK (PHOTOS)

Even in an era in which the private lives of celebrities are practically non-existent thanks to tabloid gossip sites, 24/7 news cycles replete with constantly updated blogs, and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it may seem hard to believe that a star could somehow go missing, his or her whereabouts unknown by family members, friends, fans, or reporters. And yet, throughout history, plenty of famous folks have disappeared for periods of time. While some tales had tragic outcomes, others ended on a hopeful note as the missing parties surfaced safe and sound. 

From Agatha Christie's bewildering 11-day disappearance in 1926 to actress Margot Kidder's four-day absence in 1996, here are 15 stars who went missing, causing their loved ones to panic. Fortunately, these stories ended with huge sighs of relief and tears of gratitude once the stars' whereabouts were discovered and their well-being confirmed.

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  • Katherine Jackson


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    On July 21, 2012, Katherine Jackson was reported missing by her nephew Trent. More than a week later, Jermaine Jackson tweeted that his mom was at an Arizona spa. But when Katherine's guardianship over Michael Jackson's three children was suspended due to the 10-day lapse in communication, she gave a sworn statement claiming that four of her children had tricked her into the trip, then cut her off from outside communication to keep her in the dark about her grandchildren's concerns. And you thought there was drama in your family! 




  • Benedict Cumberbatch


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    Dapper Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch was held at gunpoint and kidnapped in 2005, while driving with friends to a film set in Durban, South Africa. As the fellas started to change a flat tire, six armed men appeared and proceeded to steal their possessions, bind them and stuff them into a car. The kidnappers eventually dumped the men, and Cumberbatch was rescued by a kind stranger.

  • Jason Mewes


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    Though he played the loud-mouthed half of the Jay & Silent Bob duo in a handful of Kevin Smith films, comedic actor Jason Mewes went very silent in late 2001. A warrant for Mewes' arrest was issued after he failed to appear in a New Jersey courtroom for violating probation after a drug-possession conviction. Mewes went so far off the grid that some speculated he'd died. He re-emerged a year later and turned himself in. He was ordered to complete a rehab program.


  • J-Kwon


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    On March 2, 2010, music label Gracie Productions released a statement claiming that "Tipsy" rapper J-Kwon had been missing for a month and begged audiences to help find him, even setting up Twitter account @WhereisJKwon to gather tips. A day later, label CEO Dorian Washington said he'd personally spoken to J-Kwon, who was safe. Since J-Kwon's self-titled album was due to be released that month, skeptics claimed the disappearance had been a publicity stunt.

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  • Margot Kidder


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    Even Lois Lane grapples with mental illness. Margot Kidder -- the Canadian-born actress who cozied up to Christopher Reeves in the original Superman films-- went missing in August 1996 and was found three days later, hiding in the bushes of a Glendale, California, suburb, her disheveled clothing and disoriented manner raising questions about her mental health. Kidder later confessed that her erratic behavior was the result of a long-standing battle with bipolar disorder.

  • Mark Sanford


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    Ever hear someone use the phrase "hiking the Appalachians" an an euphemism for a sexual dalliance? If so, you can thank Mark Sanford, former South Carolina governor. Sanford went AWOL for six days in June 2009. Sanford's staff members claimed he'd been unreachable because he'd been hiking the Appalachian trail, but Sanford later admitted that he'd been canoodling with his mistress in Argentina. 

  • Patrick McDermott


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    The case of Olivia Newton-John's missing ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, reads like the plot of a Lifetime original movie. Shortly after their nine-year relationship flat-lined in 2005, McDermott went on an overnight fishing trip off the coast of California but never returned, leading the Coast Guard to presume he'd likely fallen overboard and drowned. In April 2010, however, private investigators found McDermott living in Mexico after faking his own death. 

  • Bettie Page


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    After captivating men with her bodacious looks and skimpy outfits, pin-up girl Bettie Page suddenly vanished from the public eye in 1957, at the height of her popularity. For three decades, people assumed she'd died. In actuality, Page had moved to Florida, where she was twice married and divorced, then relocated to California, where she suffered a nervous breakdown and landed in a mental institution. She later gave occasional interviews but steadfastly refused to have her photo taken. She died in 2008 at age 85.

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  • Cindy Birdsong


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    On December 2, 1969, as Cindy Birdsong of The Supremes was opening the door to her Hollywood Hills apartment building, a crazed man attacked her and held a knife to her neck, forcing her to get into his car, after forcing her to tie up her husband and a friend. He sped away with her but a Birdsong managed to jump out of the speeding vehicle and roll off the road. She suffered minor scrapes and cuts,and her kidnapper later turned himself in to police.

  • Nick Stahl


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    The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star was reported missing twice in 2012. Nick Stahl's wife reported him missing on May 14th, five days after the actor was spotted in the notorious drug-infested Skid Row district of Los Angeles. On May 19th, Stahl e-mailed friends,  announcing that he'd be entering rehab. In June, Stahl bolted from rehab and disappeared. He turned up at his home a month later, vowing to join AA. Stahl continued to grapple with a meth addiction.

  • Richard Stanley


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    Tensions were high on the Australia set of 1996's The Island of Dr. Moreauwhich was being helmed by South African director Richard Stanley. After he was fired three days into filming, a production assistant with getting Stanley on a plane. The director, however, never landed in the US and he went missing nearly a month, until a group of extras discovered him living in the rainforest near the film set, where he'd been surviving on a diet of yams, cassava and coconuts. 

  • Agatha Christie


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    It was a mystery worthy of one of her novels: Where in the world was Agatha Christie? After kissing her daughter goodnight on December 3, 1926, the acclaimed author hopped into her car and drove off, not to be seen or heard of again for 11 days. After a massive police search,  officers finally discovered Christie at a hotel, checked in under Theresa Neele, the name of her husband's mistress. When questioned, the author said she couldn't recall what had happened.

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  • James Argent


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    On August 30, 2014, Scotland Yard issued a public appeal for the whereabouts of British TV star James Argent after he failed to meet his agent at London's Gatwick Airport the previous morning. Shortly afterward, the star phoned his parents. Arg had mixed up his flight itinerary and ended up in the wrong airport. He checked into a nearby hotel to get some rest and never charged his dead cell phone. The following morning, a cleaning lady told him he was on the news. Oops!

  • James Allan


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    In September 2009, Scottish rock band Glasvegas canceled a performance at the Mercury Prize awards ceremony, claiming the group's frontman, James Allan, had fallen ill. In actuality, the band members had been unable to reach Allan for five days. The band's guitarist expressed concern over the singer's welfare, urging him to make contact. Allan turned up the following morning, phoning his manager from New York City.

  • Sasha Mitchell


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    Known for his role as surfer dude Cody on the '90s sitcom Step by Step, actor Sasha Mitchell vanished after police issued a warrant for his arrest on July 22, 1996. The actor, who had been convicted of spousal abuse, had been sentenced to three years probation and spousal abuse counseling. When he missed one too many sessions, authorities decided to "step" up his sentence. Mitchell was arrested after surfacing in Tennessee and sentenced to six months in jail.

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