20 Surprising Facts About Prince William

Prince William at the birth of his third child St. Mary's Hospital
Jeff Moore / Splash News

Prince William has been in the spotlight since he was first born and introduced to the world in the same way that his now three children made their debut. So, every fact about Prince William is already out there, right? Nah, not necessarily. The truth is that there are so many facts about the Duke of Cambridge that the public doesn't know! Sure, there are the basics that the whole world is already aware of: William is a doting husband to Kate, a devoted father to three children, handsome, loves sport (as it's known in England), is involved in multiple charities, and has something in common with everyone's favorite British "chosen" child aka Harry Potter. 
But there is plenty of insider, behind-the-scenes, little-known info about the duke as well. Not necessarily the scandalous kind that would make for eyebrow-raising and tongue-clucking, but just the kinds of facts that people who haven't done a lot of research on the Windsors may not already be well-aware of. He may be mostly formal and quite poised the majority of the time, since that sort of comes with the royal territory thing. But that doesn't mean he's boring -- not the slightest bit.
Want to learn more about this future king of England? Here, 20 surprising facts about the dashing royal. Somehow we knew there is more to him than meets the eye.

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