15 Surprising Facts About Prince William

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Prince William
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Prince William has been in the public eye since he was a wee babe, but there's still always something new to learn about him. What else would we expect from a man who has accomplished so much at his age? We collected interesting tidbits about everything from his extensive military career to his long history of loving sweets to get our readers better acquainted with the Duke of Cambridge.


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It seems like we, as his loyal fans, should know everything about Prince William. But the truth is that there are so many things the public doesn't know! Let's review the facts: Will is handsome, loves sport (as it's known in England), is involved in multiple charities, and has something in common with everyone's favorite British magical chosen child -- we won't spoil it and reveal what that is! We dug deep and found some new facts that the casual William fan might not be completely aware of. 

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Want to learn more about this future king of England? Keep reading for 15 facts one might not know about Prince William -- they might just be surprising! 

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