Scott Disick Confesses to Kourtney Kardashian That He's Had Suicidal Thoughts

scott disickTo an outsider, it may seem like Scott Disick has no regard for Kourtney Kardashian or the rest of his family right now. But if you saw Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, it's obvious that that isn't true. In fact, the father of three has been so down lately that Scott confessed that he'd "kill himself" if it weren't for the kids.  


In the episode, Scott sat down with Kourtney, Kris, Kim, and Khloe and completely broke down. Wearing a pair of sunglasses to hide his tears, Scott confessed to feeling completely miserable and lost since he and Kourtney broke up. He talked about his addiction issues and how he feels so alone right now without either of his parents, who passed away not too long ago. It was heartbreaking. 

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However, the most upsetting topic Scott touched upon was when he said he'd probably end his life if it weren't for Mason, Penelope, and Reign. He then apologized to the girls, who were also in tears, for embarrassing them and letting them down. 

Khloe had the harshest words for Scott, but even so, all of the women were affected by what Scott had to say and seemed to open their hearts up to him a little. It certainly doesn't seem like he and Kourtney are going to get back together anytime soon, but it's easy to see why she would allow him to spend time at her home and invite him to holidays. 

Hopefully, Scott can get control of his life sometime soon and go back to being a bigger part of his kids', and the Kardashians', lives. It seems that that's what he wants most. Perhaps with a little help from Kourtney and trained professionals, he'll find himself in a better place this time next year, and the past few months will be nothing but a distant memory. Fingers crossed. 

Please call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in case you are worried about your partner, yourself, or someone else.


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