Kourtney Kardashian Reacts to Justin Bieber's Steamy Makeout Photo

kourtney kardashianNew year, new Biebs? Despite there being a bazillion rumors out there saying he's dating Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber rang in the new year with Hailey Baldwin, his longtime model "friend." And judging by the photo Justin posted of their making out, it doesn't seem like he spent his last day of 2015 thinking about Kourt too much -- and understandably, the mom of three isn't too pleased. 


According to a source, Kourt, who rang in the new year with her sister Kim and her kids, is pretty much done with the Biebs. Apparently Kourtney isn't at all shocked that Justin kissed another girl on New Year's Eve, but she's not thrilled with the fact that he shared it on Instagram for his millions of followers. The insider told Hollywood Life, "It still doesn’t make her very happy and she’s seriously considering whether she’s going to continue seeing him or not." They also claimed that the kiss was a big, fat wake-up call for Kourtney that her fling with Justin is just that -- a fling. 

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It's doubtful that anyone thought the romance between Kourtney and Justin was ever going to turn into anything serious, but if in fact they were hooking up, it's a little sleazy of Justin to post a pic of his making out with someone else. Come on, dude. Have a little class. 

That said, one person who's probably thrilled that Kourt and Justin's tryst is at the tail end is Kourtney's baby daddy, Scott Disick. He reportedly wasn't thrilled with the fact that the two of them were hooking up in the first place, so no doubt, he'll try to move in on Kourt as soon as possible. 

After everything that Kourtney's been through with Scott, she was completely entitled to have a little fun in the form of an affair. But perhaps now that she's gotten it out of her system, she can lay low for a while and focus on herself. The last thing she needs is another dude to disappoint her. 


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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