Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Fuel Relationship Rumors (PHOTOS)

justin bieberJustin Bieber sure spends a lot of time with beautiful ladies, and the statuses of these relationships are all undetermined. The Biebs likes to keep us guessing, and we've moved on from guessing about what's happening with Kourtney Kardashian to wondering about what's going on with Hailey Baldwin ... again.


Hailey and Justin both shared touchy-feely Instagram posts. His and hers ... how sweet.

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New Years �

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This is part of how Justin spent the time ringing in the New Year -- he was in Anguilla with Hailey, 19-year-old model and daughter of Stephen Baldwin. It's also the spot where Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles (other hot couple of the moment) were. Kendall and Hailey are friends.

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So ... it seems even more clear that the Biebs is just a friend of the Kardashian/Jenner fam and there was nothing sexual going on with Kourtney. Or maybe there was and it was just all in good fun and friendship. Who knows? It's all so tangled and delightful and fun to think about all the possibilities!

But my heart still loves Justin and Selena best. 

This isn't the first time Justin and Hailey were thought to be an item. They hang out a lot and like to have their hands all over each other when they do -- at least for selfies. Which leads me to "belieb" that the Biebs is the ultimate friend with benefits. Hey, he's 21 -- go for it!


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