Kendall Jenner's Secret Hospitalization Was the Result of a Busy Year

Fresh off the news that her big brother Rob Kardashian recently required emergency medical attention, Kendall Jenner admits she was secretly hospitalized this year as well.


The supermodel took to her website to talk New Years resolutions, admitting that she hopes to take better care of herself in the coming year. Apparently Kendall's crazy busy schedule in 2015 is what sent her into the hospital to receive treatment for exhaustion.

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That's pretty scary stuff. Exhaustion is something that can creep up on you seemingly out of nowhere, particularly when you're just too busy to notice that you're way too busy to take care of yourself.

We're relieved that Kendall noticed the symptoms and got the help she needed before her condition worsened. With her modeling career exeriencing a major hot streak, it's probably hard to turn down any of the amazing opportunities that are coming her way. Still, sometimes you have to just stop and take a few minutes for yourself.

While we're not real big on New Years resolutions, Kendall's sounds like an incredibly healthy and doable one. We never thought we'd say this, but we're guessing if we see less of Kendall in the coming year, that's a good thing.


Image via Dutch Photo Lab/Splash News

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