Infamous Amy Schumer Prank on Kimye Now Immortalized With Barbies (PHOTO)

kim kardashian kanye westIf we take a look back at the year -- the year in celebrity happenings -- we can say that the Kardashians ruled many of the headlines. So did Amy Schumer. And when Schumer played a prank on Kimye by falling in front of them on the red carpet, well, comedy gold. Now that moment has been recreated by Barbies. Yes. Dolls.


The Instagram account adollworldafterall has fashioned Barbies in all kinds of situations. There are Orange Is the New Black scenes, Star Wars moments, that now infamous Miss Universe flap, and that oh so uncomfortable time when Amy Schumer pranked Kim and Kanye on the red carpet for the arrivals at Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World event. 

Oh Amy!

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When Amy talked about her prank, she said that she thought falling is just about the funniest thing and so she forced a tumble in front of Kimye who owned it and were just standing there "being short and important."

Oh Amy!!

In case you forgot ...

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Because the moment was so monumental in the realm of wacky Hollyweird moments, it had to be immortalized in Barbie form. Well done! The Kanye doll captures his serious frown face. The Kim doll is oh so perfect and Kim-like -- that dress! And the Amy doll is enjoying a giggle while a bit disheveled. I wonder if Kanye has seen this yet. I wonder if he's laughing. Maybe. Kim must be giggling -- I could imagine she would call up Khloe and they'd have a serious chuckle about it and then Khloe would paraphrase one of Amy's dating jokes. Or one about vaginas. However, I doubt Schumer will be invited to do stand up at one of Kanye's parties. But you never know -- he's almost a member of Taylor Swift's squad nowadays. Stranger things have happened.


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