Josh Duggar Didn't Deserve Anna's Christmas Visit to Rehab

While I really want to root for all couples to stay together, sometimes there are tales that make me just a little sad. Like this one -- Anna Duggar reportedly visited her husband Josh in rehab, and according to sources, she was in "high spirits."


It's reportedly the second time Anna has visited Josh with baby Meredith at Reformers Unanimous, the long term, faith-based rehab facility that he checked himself into after admitting that he was the "biggest hypocrite ever" by cheating on his gorgeous wife.

Last spring, Josh got his family's show, 19 Kids and Counting, booted off of TLC after a 2006 police report emerged about him molesting four of his younger sisters and an underage babysitter as a young teen. Then in August, he got caught in the Ashley Madison hack, and finally fessed up to being a cheater.

Meanwhile, Anna has remained faithful, albeit openly heartbroken. This month in the Duggar spin-off, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, she admitted that she wants God to restore her marriage with Josh.

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Insiders revealed that John-David's private plane left  Illinois on Tuesday night, and arrived back at the Duggar compound in Arkansas just after 10 p.m.

While I really don't agree with Anna's decision to stick with Josh, I do want to respect her choices. And regardless of what happens, I think it's incredibly wonderful that she went to visit him. He obviously needs help, and maybe her visit reminded him of why he needs to reform his life.

We can only hope.


Image via TLC

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