Carrie Fisher Has the Perfect Response to Body Shamers Calling Her 'Old'

This woman is my new personal hero. Carrie Fisher shut down body shamers on Twitter, after people were rude enough to comment on whether or not she "aged well" in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. People are entitled to their opinions, of course, but geez -- talk about being rude!


Carrie has been cracking us up while doing press for the movie, including saying that they only wanted to hire three-quarters of her to bring back Princess General Leia in the latest installment. She clearly isn't taking any of your crap.

This week, the 59-year-old took to Twitter to address those who dared to suggest on social media that she's not the hot babe in the gold bikini anymore. She wrote, "Please stop debating about whether or not I aged well ... Unfortunately, it hurts all three of my feelings. My body hasn't aged as well as I have. Blow us."

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She also included this epic tweet, along with a photo of her dog Gary, who has become quasi-famous in his own right, just for being awesome and accompanying Fisher to interviews.

She later added, "Youth and beauty are not accomplishments, they're the temporary happy by-products of time and/or DNA. Don't hold your breath for either."

Is she your hero yet too? She has it totally right. It's awesome to be young and beautiful and fit and enjoying the genetic jackpot you were dealt. But life is about so much more than that, and I love Carrie's attitude reminding us of that. 


Image via Jon Furniss/Corbis/Splash News

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