Kim Kardashian's Favorite Selfies of 2015 Are Both Sexy & Weird (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian

The selfie queen has spoken! Recently, Kim Kardashian revealed her favorite selfies from 2015, and man she picked some good ones. Though one of them is pretty strange ... 


Kim posted her favorite eight selfies from this past year to Twitter, and here are the riveting pics:

Such good ones here. The ones of her and Kanye and her and North are particularly adorable. It's a little strange, though, that one of Kim's favorites is a picture of her holding a beignet up to her face in New Orleans. She looks good in the pic, but still. A little odd. We all love beignets, but a selfie favorite? Whatever you say, Kim ... 

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One selfie that didn't make the list -- shockingly -- is the one where Kim is showing off her baby bump in the nude. That was a classic! So bold! So sexy! It's a shame it didn't make the cut. Oh well. Guess Kim likes beignets more than baby bumps. Just kidding. Kind of. 

One thing is for certain: Kim looks good regardless of what she's doing. Can't wait to see the selfies 2016 brings for Kim. Come on, girl. We're ready. Snap away. 


Image via Elder Ordonez/ News


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