We Find It Really Hard to Believe That Prince William Is Jealous of Kate Middleton

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge look happier and more stable than ever before, but that hasn't kept some folks from speculating that there's trouble in paradise. Kate Middleton's popularity is reportedly making Prince William jealous and is a constant reminder of the failed relationship between his dad and Princess Diana.


There's no denying that Kate, along with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and possibly Prince Harry's beard, are currently winning popularity contests left and right in the royal family. It's natural for us to be curious about her: she's the newcomer. The outsider. The "commoner" who stole the heart of a real-life prince. In short, she's a Disney movie character come to life.

Plus, she has a healthy and shiny head of hair, an enviable wardrobe, and two adorable children who could easily become Gerber babies if this whole prince/princess thing doesn't pan out for them.

You would think someone like Prince William, who grew up with an intense spotlight on him at all times, would both appreciate not being the center of attention for a little bit and be understanding and empathetic of the fact that his wife is now being forced to deal with constant paparazzi presence.

Instead, outlets like Celebrity Dirty Laundry are reporting that Kate is reminding Will of his mom, who was clearly the star of the royal family in her day. Prince Charles, apparently, was not happy that his wife had stolen all of his thunder (but let's be serious, he wasn't what you'd call a thrilling public figure prior to his relationship with the princess of Wales) and her many fans caused a rift between them.

If you believe the gossip, William wants to avoid the same fate in his relationship and is beginning to fear that Kate's status as a fashion icon and the most normal and compassionate royal could threaten that.

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I'm calling nonsense on this silly rumor. For starters, the couple has never seemed happier or more satisfied with their relationship or growing family than they have appeared in the past few months. Will was never the type who danced with a lampshade on his head at parties, so why would he turn 33 and now realize he wants to be the center of attention at all times? Even Prince Harry, a royal who comes across as far more eccentric and extroverted than his older sibling, probably welcomes Kate stealing headlines because it allows him to live his life with a bit more privacy. It's probably the first time in 31 years Harry has been able to sneak a woman into his home without anyone noticing!

Princess Diana's intense fan base wasn't the sole factor that drove Will and Harry's mom and dad apart, and I'm pretty sure William is mature enough to realize that. If anything, I'm guessing he feels concern for Kate's safety and peace of mind when she is constantly scrutinized, praised, and criticized by the press — jealousy is not a factor.


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