Amy Duggar’s Parents' Divorce Is Not the One We Were Expecting

Someone in the Duggar family is getting divorced, and it's not Anna and Josh! Amy Duggar's parents have announced that they're splitting up, and apparently it's not a surprise to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's niece.


Amy Duggar's parents are divorcing, after a volatile relationship, according the 19 Kids and Counting star. She called the end of her parents' "heartbreaking," and also admitted that it didn't come as a complete surprise.

She told PEOPLE magazine, "They've had a roller-coaster relationship for as long I can remember ... I've always been the mediator between them, instead of just being their daughter I was also the counselor."

Amy dropped a bombshell earlier this year when she confessed that her parents weren't married when she was born. Given the ultra-conservative background of the Duggar family, it was definitely a big deal.

And so is divorce. While most people I know have been rooting for Josh Duggar's estranged wife Anna to file and cut herself free from his treachery, it's hard to know that you can get out when you're involved in that kind of system.

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Amy said about her parents, "I've learned it's not my place to try and 'fix' their relationship anymore ... They are grown adults and I am, too. My main focus is to be a good wife, a help- mate, and Dillon and I work everyday to keep our marriage strong and healthy. Love isn't a feeling, it's a choice."

Dang straight, and I can't hope but help that this divorce, while painful, will allow all those involved to let go, be healed, and move forward.


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