Kate Middleton Awarded New 'Hero' Title & It's Her Most Inspiring Yet

Proof that she's way more than just a princess, Kate Middleton has been named a "health hero" by the website My Health London. The site is particularly impressed with HRH's work in the mental health realm.


Championing mental health work is one of Kate's main volunteer platforms and she frequently visits facilities and schools which focus on these very serious health issues.

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In February 2015 the Duchess of Cambridge filmed a PSA for the UK's first Children's Mental Health Week, urging both kids and their parents to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

My Health London compiles a list of their top 10 health heroes each year. In 2015 Kate is joined by chef Jamie Oliver (for his work encouraging healthy eating) and Dr. Michael Jacobs (who worked diligently with Ebola), among others.

Kate and her healthy counterparts were chosen based on online search popularity, top health stories, and social media trends.

We've always thought of Kate as our style hero, but we love hearing about how her other "super powers" are being noticed and rewarded as well.

Image via Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool

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