Kylie Jenner Is Safe From Her Obsessed Fan -- But Only for Now

File this one under seriously scary stuff: Kylie Jenner's stalker fan is under a psychiatriac hold once again, but only for 72 hours. The aggressive trespasser attempted to break onto her property just last week.


The fan, who reportedly thinks he is "soul mates" with Kylie, got physical at the front gate of the reality star's property before being arrested by Los Angeles police and placed in a psych ward for 72 hours. The seemingly obsessive guy escaped the facility, but has been recaptured, according to TMZ.

While officials say the fan will be watched more closely this time around, it's still a terrifying situation for Kylie, considering he can only be held for three days. Reportedly he's visited her home at least 10 times!

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Kylie seems to be a magnet for troubled fans. Remember when she was attacked at a Chris Brown concert a few months back? And then there was that super scary Snapchat during which she admitted she was hiding in her car because she had been attacked again.

For the sake of everyone, we really wish there were stronger laws against stalking. Three days in a psych ward just doesn't feel like enough to protect anyone from a person who seems absolutely set on getting close. No one should have to live in that kind of fear.


Image via Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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