Prince Charles Won't Be Changing Baby Charlotte's Diaper Any Time Soon

Aww, don't you love stories about new grandfathers taking on the care of their progeny? That's not exactly what has happened with Prince Charles, however, as he has reportedly refused to change the royal bottoms of his grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


Not that any of us are really surprised very much. Even though Kate and Will have chosen to be hands-on parents to their kids, that doesn't mean the rest of the extended family feels the same way.

In a rare interview with British TV hosts Ant and Dec, Prince Charles revealed exactly how many dirty diapers he has changed -- and the answer is none.

When asked about the diaper habits of Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 7 months, Charles revealed that he has never changed his grandchildren. But he did add that he's grateful to have them "to look after me when I'm tottering about." Aww.

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It's always awesome when grandparents hang out with their  grandchildren ... but I'm thinking that Prince Charles could have tried just a little bit harder. He doesn't have to change diapers, but wouldn't you love to know that he got to know George and Charlotte outside of their royal settings?


Image via Splash News

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