Kylie Jenner's 9 Most Popular Instagram Pics Aren't All Bikini Shots (PHOTO)

End of the year reflection means different things for different people. In the case of Kylie Jenner, who revealed her nine most popular Instagram posts of 2015, it includes assessing which of her social media posts had the greatest impact — and you may be surprised to find out they aren't all photos of her inflated lips and bikini-clad bod.


The 18-year-old was hugely popular this year and fans followed her every move — from her on/off relationship with Tyga to her lip filler confessions to her magical makeup tips. She has almost as many followers as big sister Kim on Instagram (Kylie has 46.3 million followers, while Kim has an insane 55.8 million IG fans), but let's remember she's also 17 years younger than North and Saint's mom and has spent far less time in the limelight. In other words, Kylie's social media stats are beyond impressive.

But it isn't until you actually sit down and crunch numbers that you realize how great an impact Kylie has had on Instagram. She recently posted her nine most popular and "liked" photos of 2015, along with a staggering figure: Kylie received 1,057,803,339 likes to a total of 960 posts this year alone. Just think about how many photos she had to take and edit to get to that number. Bananas.

Here are the top nine:

1 billion likes in 2015 �

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I doubt a single person out there is shocked to see that at least three of these photos feature the teen showing major skin. Honestly, had you asked me to guess what were her most popular posts, I would have confidently declared that each and every one of them showed a scantily clad Kylie. Believe it or not, her most "liked" photo of the year is the one of her dressed in a graduation gown and holding up her diploma — there's something super sweet about that.

These shots are surprisingly tame — pretty and even innocent compared to many you see out there (Kylie's buttocks-showing shot from Interview magazine didn't even rank!). I wonder if this proves that Kylie fans expect their role model to keep her clothes on (most of the time) and post photos that show she is almost (but not at all) like every other teen on the planet.


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram


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