Kate Middleton Heads to Church In Very Queen-Like Attire (PHOTO)

kate middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton left the kids at home and attended church services in Sandringham on Sunday. Kate stepped out wearing an outfit that seemed to have matched the weather -- and dare I say a bit Queen-like.


Okay, so those boots are definitely Kate Middleton material, but I can't help but think the two-piece brown tweed skirt and jacket ages her a bit. I know she was attending church, but still. By the looks of it, Prince Harry was questioning her choice of outfit as well. (I kid!) Harry does look quite handsome in that suit.

kate middleton

The weather was dreary, perhaps a bit cold, which is why the long skirt and jacket (and umbrella being carried by Will) was the choice for the day. Kate's hat was cute -- it had floral embellishments and sort of brightened the day despite the clouds and dark color. Maybe. What really did the trick was the yellow bouquet of flowers that Kate was given by onlookers -- now that was a needed burst of happy color!

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Also in attendance at St. Mary Magdalene Church was the Queen herself along with Prince Philip and Prince Charles. And no, the Queen wasn't matching the Princess, but I do think Kate could have chosen something a bit brighter for the day. Still, always a beautiful Princess to me.


Images via James Whatling/Splash News

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